There is a new wave of women entrepreneurs and I am LOVING every moment! As a child, I admired women moguls and often wondered why their weren’t as many women as men. The older I got, the stronger the urge became to BE one of those women. I wasn’t sure how, when or why. I just knew it involved a microphone and a team of kick a** individuals. . 

Singing wasn’t my strong suit, although, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the Gladys Knight of my Pips. 

As I struggled to find my niche, I drew inspiration from women such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks. They built empires, raised children and had snatched waistlines, who WASN’T checking for them? One thing that I noticed about some of the most influential women of all time was that they gave me, and millions of other women hope, inspiration and encouragement. 

As I continued to build and grow my brand, I noticed that I had a huge amount of support from individuals JUST LIKE ME, and much like the people I admired growing up, I wanted to help others. I began to donate my time, energy and knowledge to help other to succeed at becoming and building their own personal brands. 

One thing that I encourage people to do with their brand is to be UNIQUELY them! WHATEVER their truth is, I ask them to stand in it, believe in it and yell it from a rooftop!! 

I had the opportunity to hop into The Detroit Natural Hair Expo this year and not only was I surrounded by coco butter and miracle drops, I was ecstatic at the number of black women entrepreneurs! From Natural Hair Lines, to Natural Lip Lines and even a Black Owned tanning lotion line! 

I was overjoyed and ecstatic to not only serve on the bloggers panel for a second year, but also to hear Kenya Moore speak about growing up in my city and watching as she gave hope to hundreds of women! 

THIS is what we live for! To be able to not only support back businesses, but being able to motivate, encourage and inspire them! A lot of times Black Women are not depicted in the most fascinating light on tv, so to be in the presence of so many was amazing and awe inspiring! 

Hop in and check out a few of the awesome business that we got to capture!! 

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